Artificial Furnishing leather in Pakistan

Pakwest Industries is the high-quality artificial furnishing leather manufacturing company in Pakistan. Time has been proved that we are one of the largest leather consumers is the furnishing enterprise, which has observed nothing short of a cycle ever since high-quality synthetic leather has developed as a much more reasonable & affordable alternative to natural leather.

Our artificial furnishing leather industry has also been able to examine with colour and textures to a much greater extent and create stunning new products. Leather is a popular material for countless fashion materials like PVC leather for automotive, leather for furnishing, jackets, & in the form of belts.

Best Quality Artificial Furnishing Leather in Pakistan:

Pakwest Industries adds specific features to its artificial furnishing leather range to meet the usability standards. You will see our products having distinctive features such as stain resistance and temperature stabilization for automotive, & furnishing materials, during Cold Crack and High Abrasion resistance for Footwear.

As we go about our effort, we focus on our customers’ requirements and consumers’ desires. We seek out new Trends that allow us to develop high quality, contemporary materials. Every product we make is top quality, highly functional and expresses a positive quality of life.

Buy artificial furnishing leather in Pakistan from the best leather industry Pakwest because we understand customers’ needs & hence offer a high range of synthetic leather that is not aesthetically pleasing but also have a long life. Our industry efforts are made possible by our technological expertise in different types of materials and precise knowledge of components.

Flexible Artificial Leather Components & Damaging Time:

Pakwest professionals made best artificial furnishing leather usually consists of two (or more) distinct layers; a thin synthetic top layer (or layers) connected to a thicker backing layer.

The top layer is usually a solid polymer (plastic), often PU (polyurethane), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or a mixture of the two – PU is considered less damaging to the environment than PVC. Still, the latter is incredibly hard-wearing, famous for hospitality environments. This plastic layer is given the shape of real leather’s surface by embossing, printing, colouring or similar.

The backing layer grants strength and is often of cotton or polyester or a mix of materials. Some elements are more flexible than others, and it has been a trend over the years that faux leather has become more pliable.

Faux leathers are remarkably hard-wearing and can last indefinitely in the right environment. Faux leather usually is less resistant to heat than real leather – the top layer can melt in severe circumstances. Faux leather can be destroyed by some cleaning harsher products that eat away the surface layer.

Use Best Raw Material:

The Raw Materials for automotive we use are as follows:

  • Polyester
  • Wax
  • Dye
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polyurethane
  • Knitted Fabrics

Manufacture Valuable Products from Artificial Leather:

Pakwest industries manufactured a wide range of artificial furnishing leather variety of colours, textures and feel, in leather and fabric look also. These products are used in stuffing for:

  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Cushion-covers
  • Bean bags
  • Homes furniture
  • Offices furniture
  • Commercial enterprises
  • Hotels

We also produce marine filling with saltwater resistance. Buy high-quality artificial leather now in Pakistan from a well reputable company.