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Artificial Leather for Bags in Pakistan

Pakwest Industries manufactured the best quality artificial leather for bags in Pakistan. We are one of the top artificial leather manufacturer & exporter in Lahore as well as in Pakistan.

We make many of the models according to the customers’ needs and requirements, and we can customize orders or make original designs if it’s to the reach of our production team. But make sure you talk to our leather production experts first for evaluation.

The most popular demand from customers one for walk-in sew embroidered patches on artificial leather for purses. Over the mail, re-dying bags are the most popular request. Furthermore, our leather rates are reasonable as compared to other competitive leather markets. USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and many reputable countries are our significant exporters.

Study our Artificial Leather Manufacturing Techniques

We use best synthetic leather production techniques with the collaboration of chemistry experts. Reactive assemblage is connected to the polycarbodiimide in this scale, so preserving this cross-linked not only acts to the -COOH groups in the polymer chains. These reactive groups react to form an even denser network structure.

To further build on our polycarbodiimide cross-linkers’ success, we have updated our technologies to provided VOC-free new CDI versions with utmost long pot-life. For more information, talk with our production team manager.

Buy Artificial Leather for Bags in Pakistan

We design the best flexible artificial leather products from our leather manufacturing expert’s team. Pakwest is the best synthetic leather company that has produced high-quality leather products such as supple artificial leather for all individuals with multiple sizes and colours to check with their dresses.

We have been producing and distributing artificial ladies bag, wallet, purse, fancy handbags in Pakistan, and the UK for about 25 years with customers. We manufacture all our bags from synthetic leather and hence, all our products are excellent quality and durable.

Moreover, you can now shop for purses and handbags with us online in Pakistan. We deliver all across Pakistan within three working days via cash on delivery. Many wholesalers can buy artificial leather for Bags in Pakistan direct from our leather industry because we have the best varieties in different patterns.

Pakwest Use Best Raw Material for Leather Manufacturing

Our production team use the best raw material for manufacturing of flexible artificial leather bags products. Using the best raw material increases the durability of bags. We use the following material for extended durability & use of leather products, Polyester, Wax, Dye, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane, Knitted Fabrics etc.

Key Benefits of Using Our Artificial Leather Products

Buy our artificial leather for bags in Pakistan with best raw material for best usage. This is the main reason that our leather products are sold internationally. Synthetic leather for bags in Pakistan has some key benefits:

  • Friendly labelled
  • Improved pot life
  • Improved adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Not moisture sensitive
  • Increased abrasion resistance, strength and hardness
  • Improved chemical & stain resistance
  • Fast curing speed upon drying
  • Low viscosity & easy to use