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Artificial Shoe Leather in Pakistan

Pakwest Industries manufacture artificial shoe leather in Pakistan and became a brand in a short period. Consumers typically wanted to wear leather products such as leather shoes, sandals, & much more.

Leather is a flexible material manufactured by the tanning of animal skin. Same like, we produce artificial leather products on a large scale. We are using it for various purposes like shoes, hats, belts, jackets and bags manufacturing. We manufacture different kinds of leather shoe products available in many patterns. USA, Dubai, Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, & England are our significant exporters internationally.

Quality & Products of our Artificial Shoe Leather in Pakistan:

Pakwest Industries produce best artificial leather shoes in Pakistan type, i.e., PU Dry, PVC Leather, Semi-PU, PVC Sheets used in garment’s Shoes, and many other flexible leather products. Our PVC Leather for automotive is a new product with elastic nature characteristics, bright colour, comfortable wearing and looked like real leather.

Quality, The core value in manufacturing our merchandise, is the quality control at every stage. Maintaining the quality guaranteed to our client is only possible by ensuring the quality of raw material.

We boastfully say that our quality control department keenly monitors our laboratories’ quality, equipped with the latest computerized equipment and doing an excellent job in this particular area.

Use Best Raw Material For Flexible Artificial Shoe Leather Products:

Pakwest Industries is specialized in split cowhides with a polyurethane coating, using Levacast Laxness ensure the quality and long-term durability of the products. Buy the best quality leather shoes in Lahoredirect from our company.

Our artificial leather professionals use various skins attained both internationally & domestically from suppliers that keep credible evaluations in terms of quality. The company is also a dealer in Leather Raw Materials, which gives a company a knowledge edge for superior quality and ensures economies of scale, resulting in striking the most economical deals for our clients.

Thus, we are present to provide all your leather related demands. The Raw Materials for purses we use are as follows:

  • Polyester
  • Wax
  • Dye
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polyurethane
  • Knitted Fabrics

Explore Internationally Our Leather Shoes Industry:

We produce technical and smooth surface materials from a wide variety of synthetics for Footwear, Automotive, Furniture and Sports goods application, and as we go about our work, we manufactured best standard artificial shoes leather in Pakistan. We concentrate on the needs and requirements of our customers and the passions of consumers.

Furthermore, we discover out new Trends that allow us to develop high quality, contemporary materials. Every leather product we make is top quality, highly functional and proves a positive quality of life.

Designs by Pakwest Industries have a unique ability to deliver the aesthetics and feel that consumers desire and durability. All this is made achievable by our technological expertise in the elements and precise knowledge of components.

Exporters of all reputable countries:

Our company has proved itself as the best manufacturer, exporter of leather garments & leather products from Pakistan within a short period. Buy artificial leather shoes in Pakistan at a reasonable price.

Our industry is presently exporting its flexible leather products to USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Japan, UAE & duty-free shops at various international airports.

We produce branded artificial products which are selling internationally.

Build Brand Loyalty with High-Quality Flexible Leather at Reasonable Rates:

Pakwest industries have reasonable, & flexible leather rates as compared to other leather production companies in Pakistan. Buy our artificial leather shoes and make your shop a Brand in your area. We use synthetic fabrics for better usage & long duration.

Our goal is to provide interior producers with an edge, so they can perform their charm and enhance brand loyalty with long-term satisfaction so that customers come back again at repurchasing time.

We provide the best types of artificial leather products:

  • Leather Shoes
  • Fashions wear
  • Footwear & much more