Faux Leather in Pakistan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pakwest is the best manufacturing industry of faux leather in Pakistan. Our professionals made every product with proper Care & according to the people’s demands, and we produce Faux leather, the synthetic version of real leather.

We supplied Faux leather in the same way as stuffing fabric and so can be ordered by the direct metre, unlike natural leather, provided in the form of irregularly–shaped hides. We make the best leather products for our customers. Further benefits of faux leather are that it does not easily stain. Contract-quality artificial leather has a thin surface layer that is extraordinarily resilient and can be wiped clean. Besides, we produce the best artificial furnishing leather that is also antimicrobial, anti-fungal and waterproof.

Our Main Perspective:

Pakwest Industries manufactures artificial leather products like genuine leather. Leather bags, footwear, fashions, Interiors, Automotive, & sports like actual leather items. We export our products in well-know & reputable countries like the USA.

All the pure leather products are very costly, but customers can buy high-quality artificial leather items from our company at reasonable prices. We almost work on the people’s requirement and provide an easy solution for their daily needs items. Consumers can buy leather products at wholesales prices.

Flexible Faux Leather Products Advantages:

Pakwest faux leather products generally consist of two (or more) separate layers; a thin synthetic top layer (or layers) attached to a thicker backing layer. The top layer is a strong polymer. Outstanding hospitality products are made from artificial leather. This plastic layer is given the shape of real leather’s surface by printing, colouring, embossing, or similar.

The backing layer gives strength and is often of cotton or polyester or a mix of materials. Some elements are more flexible than others, and it has been an aim over the years that faux leather in Pakistan has become more flexible.

How Long Does our Faux Leather Last?

Pakwest makes the best faux leather so that the surface layer is of textured synthetic, high-quality faux leather does not period and gains character in the same way as real leather.

Waste to faux leather can be problematic if the surface layer is breached, showing the backing layer, which can have a different form to the surface layer. Faux leather is usually less repellent to heat than real leather.

Products & Quality of our Faux Leather in Pakistan:

Pakwest Industries produced a high-quality artificial Leather type,i.e. PU Dry, PVC Leather, Flocked Fabrics, Semi-PU, PVC Sheets used in garment’s Shoes, Bags, Upholstery, Footballs, Volleyballs, Suitcases, Gloves and many other flexible leather products.

The Raw Materials for Faux Leather we use are as follows:

  •  Polyester
  •  Wax
  •  Dye
  •  Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  •  Polyurethane
  •  Knitted Fabrics

A protective coating can be added to some ranges of faux leathers, increasing its resistance to harsh cleaning products.

Exporters from all Reputable Countries:

Pakwest Company has proved itself a leading manufacturer & exporter of leather garments & leather products from Pakistan within a short period. Buy artificial furnishing leather now in Pakistan with reasonable price.

Our industry is presently exporting its branded & flexible leather products to USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Japan, UAE & duty-free shops at various international airports.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]