PVC Leather For Automotive

Pakwest Industries is the best organization of PVC leather for automotive in Pakistan and is a full-owned enterprise founded in 1975, located in Lahore. Our leather industry’s total area reached around 230 thousand square meters, and we have four advanced international levels of PVC synthetic production lines. Our industry earned a big name in manufacturing every kind of leather items.

We are exporting leather products in different countries like the USA. Europe, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, & many reputable countries globally and our fabrics have outstanding ratings for smoke, toxicity, fire durability and breathability. We are sure that no one delivers better value for automotive interiors.

Superior Quality PVC Leather for Cars in Pakistan:

Pakwest professionals manufacture PVC automotive leather with high-performance fabrics that are the future of automotive coating. Our synthetic leather is used in every four-wheeler passenger cars by the leading automotive producers in Pakistan.

Responsive products will always be the preferred supplier where quality, consistency, and performance are most valued.

We deliver the best automotive leather products in Pakistan with 100% highly breathable, Consistent colours, Supreme performance, & Super tear-resistant qualities. The leather contains unique characteristics like scratch-resistant, no colour fading, durable, easy to stitch, fire-rated, UV protected, & breathable.

The featured series of automotive leather is:

  • R-Leather (Replacement for natural leather)
  • Vento (High Elasticity)
  • Century (High Strength)

Our supreme quality of leather PVC has affordable rates as compared to other leather for automotive companies. Now everyone can buy PVC leather automotive in Pakistan with full discounts prices.

More Durable & Comfortable Coating for Vehicle Seats:

You can buy PVC leather for automotive from our industry. For vehicle interiors like those in cars, Pakwest Industry has a further benefit: it reduces rattles and squeaks, which is a growing issue in all types of vehicles. Seat and trim-related problems are often caused by the deterioration of the leather or synthetics surfaces.

We are significantly increasing product life by protecting the body and adding to its abrasion resistance. And extending product life helps contribute to a more sustainable world.

Being a polyurethane, our artificial shoe leather in Pakistan manufacturer staff makes every article feel more fantastic, while its flexibility and scratch and scraping ensures it maintains its character for longer.

Pakwest Industries is a wide-ranging product line that exceeds other matting agent technologies, and we comprise a broad portfolio of topcoats and duller concentrates. With matte coatings trending hard, fashion, product and interior designers need to be self-confident that the matting agents they select to create a luxurious appearance will stay looking fabulous for a long time.

Use Best Raw Material:

The Raw Materials for automotive we use are as follows:

  • Polyester
  • Wax
  • Dye
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polyurethane
  • Knitted Fabrics

Build Consumer Loyalty with Pakwest Industries:

With Pakwest Industries, we’ve concentrated our R&D on developing a next-generation surface technology and solutions that strengthen consumer satisfaction. Our goal is to give interior creators an edge, so they can perform their magic and enhance brand loyalty with long-term satisfaction so that consumers come back again and again at repurchasing time.

PVC Automotive Brand Advantages:

  • Build product lifespan
  • Save time for people through well-planned cleaning
  • Protect your product’s aesthetic standards and maintain its protective shell
  • Lessen squeak and shake in car interiors
  • Use the freedom to drawing with light-coloured surfaces
  • Dual-use application in creation and aftercare